Trax Print Announced as one of the top 100 RegTech companies in the world

Trax Print has been named by FinTech Global in London as one of the top 100 RegTech companies in the world.

Being judged by a panel of experts, Trax Print has been placed in a prestigious list with 99 other companies leading the world in this innovative new industry.

The selection was based on the innovative nature of Trax Print, and how it can be used to stop fraud in numerous applications.

Verify Digital or Printed Documents or ID With Trax Print.

Trax Print is a closed loop, digital platform to guard against fraud, that allows users to easily verify the authenticity of a printed or digital document. With our patent pending system, documents or identification can now be protected against fraudulent use by adding our verified Trax code technology.

A Trax code is added to any document which is then scanned into our system. The document can be stored on our system or yours. When our verified scanner App (available on Apple and Android devices) is used to scan the Trax code, a representation of the original document is displayed on the app.

A simple look over the document can show any variance between the version you have and the original version sent to you.

Military Level Security Features Include

- AES Encryption

- Timestamped Hash of documents

- Watermarked Files Sent (No chance of using digital copies for identity fraud)

- Multi-Tier Encrypted Databases

- One time Trax code dashboard login. No username and password fields to hack.

- Meta Data Version Available. No duplicate of original document sent. Only the document details.


Digital or Printed.

With Trax Print it makes no difference if the document is printed or digital. The platform will work on any medium.

The Trax Print Trax code will scan regardless. We can also protect images, works of art or video with the same assurance as any document.


Trax Print Launches our new and improved mobile application

The brand new Trax Print app is now available on iOS and Android.

Simply go to the Apple App Store or Google Play on Android and search for Trax Print. Once you find it load it onto your phone.

Register your details and confirm your email address. You will then receive a welcome email with two sample documents attached. This will give you the opportunity to try Trax Print for yourself.

Trax Print Launches Two Factor Authentication for Printed Cheques

Protect the details written on cheques with Trax Print two factor authentication.

Banks can now help protect their customers from cheque fraud by letting them add the details they write digitally in the back end using our App to verify before it is processed.

When the bank receive the cheque they can then scan the Trax QR code and verify that the details written on the cheque match the loaded details by the owner of the cheque. Simple.


Use Cases

Identification Protection

With the use of Trax Print on identification we can eliminate the possibility of changing or creating fake ID.

When a Trax Code is placed onto driver's licence or ID, a simple scan will instantly indicate if the ID is valid or not. Fake ID's can not be produced as they have no access to the Trax Print platform to create a unique code.

The ID can also be deactivated remotely. Unlike other forms of ID that can be used even if expired, a quick scan can determine the status of the plastic card.

Every time your ID is scanned to check its validity, you will receive notification this has occurred. Therefore, if someone has stolen your ID to use illegally you will know and can instantly notify the relevant authorities.


Document Protection

Trax Print can protect the integrity of documents like contracts, wills and titles. With the Trax Print process we timestamp each and every document loaded into the system, and also incorporate the timestamp into the encrypted Trax Code.

This is then used to determine that the document was created at the same time as the Trax Code giving an extra layer of protection to the document. When the Trax Code is scanned by our Trax Print app a digital watermarked version of the original is sent to the scanner to compare the two.

If there are any discrepancies, the version being verified has been modified.

Insurance Certificates

With the advent of Pay by the month insurance for car, house and public liability, there has been an increase of people starting their policy and paying for the first month of insurance and then letting the premiums lapse.

This is done to obtain a policy certificate that is valid for a full 12 month period. This certificate is then used to deceive institutions into thinking that a valid insurance policy is in place protecting them against loss.

If a claim is lodged, the hard reality of the person not being covered is discovered and recovery of the loss has now become more difficult.

Trax Print can be set up to monitor the status of the certificates for the institutions of all parties covered and if a policy lapse occurs they are warned instantly.

This not only protects the institutions, but also prompts the policy holders not to let their policy expire as they will be instantly found out.


Secure email document transfer

With document transfer via email being looked at as not secure, Trax Print has produced a system that not only allows people to transfer PDF's securely over email, but also ensures that the person receiving the document is the intended recipient.

Trax Print sends a one time link to a secure version of the document rather than the actual PDF. When the link is clicked it sends the recipient to a secure login page displaying a Trax Code. This Trax Code needs to be scanned by the Trax Print app of the authorised recipient.

Once their identity is confirmed via a PIN code entry on the Trax Print app, the document is displayed.

If the email is intercepted and the link is clicked by an unauthorised person, the link is instantly disabled. Subsequently, if it is clicked by the intended recipient, they will know someone has tried to access the document.

Counterfeit Part Detection

With the Counterfeit part and product market worth billions of dollars Trax Print has created a solution to protect people against the purchase of illegally created products.

By placing a Trax Code onto the legitimately created product, this can be scanned through the entire process of the product. When the product is scanned by the consumer it is then locked down showing up as purchased.

Any counterfeit product that has a copy of the code on their packaging will now show as invalid. They will show as copies of the original.

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